COZYROC Cloud comes with a single plan (with a yearly or a monthly commitment) that includes:

The plan restrictions are:

  • 100 execution hours/month
  • Single job duration up to 30 minutes
  • Execution logs retained for 15 days
  • Free 10GB/month of network traffic. Extra traffic charged $0.25 per 1GB
  • 1GB storage for temporary execution files

If your company has special needs, please contact us at for a custom quote.


Please note that hosted MS SQL Server 2019 Standard Edition is required for using the COZYROC Cloud service. SSIS comes with the MS SQL Server and it is not offered separately. COZYROC services are a Value Added Service (VAS) on top of the hosted SQL Server service provided by a Microsoft SPLA partner. COZYROC will facilitate your access to a hosted SQL Server service with SSIS through one of our SPLA providers. According to your SPLA SQL Server license, you will also get an access to any SQL Server features besides SSIS.