Scheduled Jobs

To setup a package for execution (either recurring or one-time) you need to create a scheduled job. You can do this immeditely after uploading a package (via the "Schedule" link) or later - either from the Package page or from the Scheduled Job page.

When configuring recurring jobs you have a lot of flexibility when to schedule them. Basically the options available in SQL Server Agent Schedules are also available in COZYROC Cloud Scheduled jobs:

  • Configure frequence (daily, weekly or monthly)
  • Configure daily frequency (at what time a day or how many hours)
  • Configure the activity period of the scheduled job (from-to date).

Scheduled jobs can be enabled or disabled (i.e. active or inactive). A one-time job becomes automatically inactive after it gets executed.

Scheduled Jobs Management#

The Scheduled Jobs page displays a list of all scheduleded jobs (active or inactive). You can do to following operations in this page:

  • Sort Job Name (Name), the Package Name (Package), the time it was last executed (Last executed) and the next time it is scheduled to run (Next Scheduled Time).
  • Navigate to a selected scheduled job or the corresponding package
  • Filter the grid by package
  • Add a new Scheduled job (for an already upload cloud)