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Automatic Variables

While executing packages in the managed environment, you can make use of system resources (like disk space) according to your billing plan. To enable easier access to these resources COZYROC Cloud will detect some user-defined variables in your package based on a naming convetion and set their values.

Currently supported automatic variables

Variable nameAutomatic value
CC_TEMP_DIRFull path to your managed temp folder


You want to create a temporary file data.csv during execution.

  1. Create a SSIS package
  2. Create a package variable called CC_TEMP_DIR with data type String
  3. Set the variable default value to a folder on your machine so you can use it during development. The value will later be overwritten by COZYROC Cloud
  4. Create a File Connection in mode Create file.
  5. Right-click the connection select Properties and then Expressions
  6. For Property select ConnectionString
  7. For Expression set @[User::CC_TEMP_DIR] + "\\data.csv"
  8. Finalize any additional logic in your package
  9. Upload package to COZYROC Cloud
  10. Execute the package. The data.csv file will be placed in your managed temp folder

Any files created during an execution in the managed environment are deleted after the execution ends.