Managed Environment

COZYROC Cloud Managed Environment offers a secure and affordable SSIS execution runtime. This makes COZYROC Cloud an iPaaS (Integration platform as a service). which spares you from doing installations, software and hardware maintenance, upgrades of SSIS and COZYROC SSIS+, etc.

Why choose COZYROC Cloud Managed Runtime over Azure SSIS Integration Runtime?

Initial setup timeSeveral minutesSeveral days
Complexity and manageabilitySingle web app with a simple, intuitive UIComplex to properly configure and monitor
Third-party SSIS addon(s)COZYROC SSIS+ includedSeparately purchased addon(s)
Near real-time integrationEasily supported (via inbound webhooks)Difficult to set up in ADF. Expensive to run
PricingStraightforward and predictable pricing. Very affordableSignificantly more expensive