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Runtime Environments

An SSIS package that has been uploaded in COZYROC Cloud can be executed in both:

  • a managed SSIS execution server
  • an on-premises SSIS execution server

Please find below a comparison chart of the two types of execution environments:

Managed runtimeOn-Premises runtime
Maintained byCOZYROCClient
BenefitsNo-hassle, cost-effective, shared runtime.Full-control over what's installed. Direct access to on-premises resources.
Available inFlex ManagedAll plans
SSIS LicensingVia SPLA service provider *Client's responsibility
Target VersionSQL Server/SSIS 2019Any SQL Server/SSIS versions (2012, 2014, 2016, 2017, 2019, 2022) that are installed on client's premises
AddonsOnly COZYROC SSIS+Any third-party SSIS components or custom DLLs can be installed
COZYROC SSIS+Included in the Flex Managed planPurchase separately
PrerequisitesnoneInstallation of an agent

* The SQL Server Integration Services is licensed with the help of a SPLA service provider of Microsoft SQL Server hosting services. COZYROC LLC is a certified SPLA service provider.