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Gems Subscription Plans

COZYROC Cloud Gems (Pre-built) service comes with two plans, a free plan and a paid plan with an **yearly** or a **monthly** commitment.

You can find information about pricing here.

Gems plan

The Gems plan allows for easily configurable off-the-shelf integrations. It supports:

The restrictions of the Gems plan are:

  • 100 execution hours/month
  • Single execution duration up to 30 minutes
  • Free 10GB/month of network traffic. Extra traffic charged $0.25 per 1GB

Free plan

The Free plan allows you to manually trigger on-demand gem runs.

The restrictions of the Free plan are:

  • 1 execution hour/month
  • Single execution duration up to 30 minutes
  • Up to 1GB/month of network traffic.

If your company has special needs, please contact us at for a custom quote.