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How to use NetSuite ODBC driver


Available for Flex Managed (SSIS) only

In addition to providing components for using NetSuite SOAP API and NetSuite REST API, COZYROC Cloud managed environment supports also NetSuite ODBC connectivity, using the official drivers provided on the NetSuite website.


COZYROC Cloud supports only DSN-less ODBC connections, which means you'll have to provide all needed connection information in the connection string.

Available drivers

  • NetSuite Drivers 64bit
  • NetSuite Drivers 32bit

Establishing connection

  1. Enable the SuiteAnalytics Connect Service for your NetSuite account as described here
  2. Get your ServiceHost, accountID and roleID from your NetSuite account's Configuration page as described here under the DSN-less connection section.
  3. In your package use a connection string with the following format:
DRIVER=NetSuite Drivers 64bit;Host=<ServiceHost>;Port=1708;Encrypted=1;AllowSinglePacketLogout=1;Truststore=system;; UID=<username / email>;PWD=<password>;CustomProperties=AccountID=<accountID>;RoleID=<roleID> 

Execution runtime

COZYROC Cloud allows 64 bit as well as 32 bit executions. A runtime switch is available for all package triggers.


Depending on what runtime you plan to use you need to set the corresponding ODBC driver property (DRIVER) in your connection string.

  • For 64 bit executions use NetSuite Drivers 64bit
  • For 32 bit executions use NetSuite Drivers 32bit