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Execution Credentials


Available for Flex (SSIS) and Gems (Pre-built)

On the Connectivity page, there is a sub-section called Execution Credentials. Use this page to set up Execution Credentials.

From the Execution Credentials page, you can perform the following actions:

  • Create credentials
  • Delete credentials

Execution credentials feature lets you configure session credentials in the Windows execution environment. This allows seamless access to external services such as SMB file shares.

Example: Connect to Azure File Share

The following example assumes that you already have an Azure Storage Account with a File Share in it.

  1. Open your File Share in Azure.


  1. Click Connect to open connection options.


  1. Select Windows and Storage account key as authentication method then click Show Script.


  1. From the script extract the following: account URL, domain and user, storage account key.


  1. Open Cozyroc Cloud, navigate to Execution Credentials page and click the + button.


  1. Fill the form with the data from the Azure script and click Save


  1. The execution process can access files from the Azure File Share by their absolute (UNC) path e.g. \\\my-share\data.csv while running